X Ball 1 Shot

This is a game I came up with after reading the rules to Up and Down. (it shares the multiple cue ball idea)

The name of the game is X ball 1 shot. (can play with any number of balls on the table) Rack X-1 balls randomly on the foot spot. The racker has the option of placing the balls in a pet pattern. Choose a legal break method:

The essence of the game is that each ball on the table is to be used as a cue ball *exactly once*. (starting with the cue) Scoring:

When each ball has been used as a cue ball (zero through X), all the balls are reracked and play continues from the break.

Game ends when one person reaches a pre-determined score.

Can be played by any number of players...

Note that my favorite break shot is to carom the cue ball off of the rack and into a corner pocket. (this is legal and awards 1 point if successful)

An excellent shot in this is a straight on shot with follow through to drop both the object ball and the current cue ball. (this is legal and results in 2 points. remember that one of them must be called, tho.)

If something isn't covered in the rules here, apply rules from eight ball first, then straight pool as seems to apply the best. If somebody wants to formalize the rules, and/or try to sell it commercially, I hereby throw it into the public domain. I only ask that if you play it once or twice you e-mail Jeffrey Bay so that I can see I had an affect on the world.

Jeff jbay@news.eng.convex.com (Jeffrey Bay)

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