FILE_MAP by Victor S. Engel

Syntax: FILE_MAP file_name

Description: This routine displays a graphical representation of the file passed in the parameter. Here is an example of the output of the program:

The program cycles through all the color combinations in order to be able to see at a glance what the distribution of each group is. All frames of a given group are colored the same. Additionally, the LK portion of the group is in upper case, and the OV portion is in lower case. Unused portions of the file are represented with block characters. The beginning frame of the overflow free list is represented with a greater-than sign.

You can browse through the file using the +/- keys. Each time you press the "+" key, the "cursor" advanced by one group. All frames of the current group are highlighted:

Using the PGUP and PGDN keys, you can view the overflow free list itself. A sample of what you might see is represented here:

The cryptic looking characters are the character values of the resulting from each pointer. No effort has been made to translate the pointers into actual numbers.

In the above example, the modulo of the file was too large for the entire image to fit on the screen, so each pixel (character) represents multiple frames. To expand the view to see the entire file, press the "V" key. The result is a scrollable VIEW of the image:

At the bottom of this report are some statistics and possibly a recommendation:

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