Artcar Caravans of 1996

New West Coast caravan information below!

The deadline for registering to be in the artcar parade was March 23, 1996. If you have not mailed in your entry form, you are too late.

The Art Car Park will host a reception for all incoming artists, drivers and friends on THURSDAY APRIL 18 noon-6 p.m. with a short 2 block trip to the Ball site en mass please notify all parties. Milk (beer) and Cookies(chips) will be served. SEE YA. Ken

Well, it's 1996 and time to start planning for caravanning to Houston for the Roadside Attractions Parade. Last year's West Coast Caravan was a great success. We all had a blast.

I am setting up this page as a sort of centralized location for information on the various caravans around the country. If you have information that is not contained here, please let me know as soon as possible.

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According to John Moffitt there are three major caravans this year. The contact persons for the caravans are:
West Coast Caravan -- Philo Northrup
Central Caravan -- Nancy Bromberg
East Coast Caravan -- Bill Stevenson
I have phone numbers for these people (email me if you need them) and will link their email addresses when I get a chance.

If you have any suggestions of places that would like to host the artcar folks, please let me or one of the above contacts know as soon as possible so arrangements can be made.

If you have any artwork or scanned images to include on this page, please let me know, and I'll do my best to include them.

Here is the latest information:

West Coast Caravan:

These are the people participating in the caravan so far:





New Mexico:


Here's the itinerary so far:

The California caravan of ArtCars will leave the Bay area on Friday evening April 12th. We'll crash at the Grape's house. Email me if you need his phone #.

after breakfast drive an hour to LA Philo is trying to get a paying gig at one or more of the following places:

PEP BOYS - Grand Opening; Petersen Automobile Museum; Craft & Folk Art Museum; La Luz de Jesus Gallery, on Melrose Ave; LA Cacophony / CLUBHOUSE party where we split the door receipts

He is also contacting Weird TV and they might have some ideas. Maybe we'll go to Watts Towers

Rick McKinney has lined up a gig with the Idyllwild Film Festival that looks great for Saturday Evening or Sunday Morning.

drive 8-10 hrs to Tucson & crash
drive 7-9 hrs to Saguaro National Monument & camp

MONDAY APRIL 15 (tax day)
Kathleen and Phillip are talking to the Univ. Of Az, Tucson Arts District & the Bisbee Arts Council to line up gigs for us there.

drive 8 hrs to Sierra Blanca & crash. (this is a small town that was very friendly to us last year. No $ but it's a safe place to crash in West Texas) OR drive 3 hrs to Chiricahua Nat'l Mon (I've never seen it but it's supposed to be beautiful). Stopping here would mean a long [14 hrs] drive Tuesday)

If we wake up in Sierra Blanca we will have a nice Breakfast then head out. drive 5-7 hrs to Sonora where we can either camp at the Caverns of Sonora or stay in a cheap motel.
If we wake up in Chiricahua we can take a morning hike. early,We'll need to hit the road however, because it's about 10-15 hours to Sonora.

drive 4-5 hrs to Austin and park at ... well, not at Shady Grove anymore. The West Coast caravan will not meet at Shady Grove Cafe as originally planned, probably because we fill up all the _paying_ customers' parking spots. They are there to make money, after all. Instead, we will meet on Wednesday night, April 17 at Hank's Roadhouse Bar and Grill, which is located at 1000 S. Lamar in Austin. There will be free food and a couple drinks for all artcar folks (well, if more than 20 cars show up, this may have to be renegotiated). A big thanks go to Richard Reneau and Johnny Walker (from KLBJ FM) for making this possible.

Crash at Bill Rainey's new warehouse studio

drive 3-4 hrs to Houston. ArtCar Bash that night!!! YEAH!!!!!!!

Great stuff happening all weekend!

Last year the caravan communicated with each other and the general public on CB Channel 23. I suspect we will do the same this year since it was so much fun. If you are not part of the caravan but have a CB radio, drive past us and talk to us on the CB radio.

East Coast Caravan:

The latest word from John Moffitt is that there will be three cars coming out of Saftey Harbour, Florida and leaving about Monday. They will head up the west coast of Florida and then cruise down I-10 to Houston. They plan to arrive on Wednesday night for the out-of-towners party and want to know how they might link up with others coming from that general direction. Details of this trip are still being formed.

Todd will serve as a central point for this small arm of an east coast caravan. Email me if you need his phone number.

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